911 Center

   Office Of Emergency Communications  Rochester, New York





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 911 CLOSE UP PHOTO-thumb.JPG (6717 bytes)   Atrium              Intense computer environments demand good lighting. To accommodate a stressful twenty four hour a day workplace RTLD designed a combination indirect system. Striving to create visual comfort, interior surfaces brightness levels are matched to the level of the computer monitor brightness. Eye fatigue is reduced using this general criteria. Two separately controlled indirect fluorescent systems were used to overcome certain problems. A radial pattern of linear indirect fixtures with an elliptical profile was chosen by RTLD to liven up the spatial dynamics of the environment and to compliment the domed ceiling in the center. The linear fixtures provide the primary component of light and are controlled by an electronic dimming system. A number of wall recessed rectangular wall washer fixtures added to fill in the perimeter areas and to illuminate the undersides of the linear system. This eliminates the contrast of the otherwise dark undersides of the linear light units. The center ceiling section is domed with an indirect cove supporting end to end asymmetrical reflector 50 watt biax fluorescent modules. A specified blue neon circle was deleted from the center dome due to cost restrictions. Additionally, it is important to add elements of interest as indirect systems tend to produce a veil of shadowless flat light.