TOUR Ceasars FORUM SHOP  Las Vegas, Nevada

The forum shop had lasted about three years, a fair amount of time by Las Vegas standards before a remodel. The remodel, basically cosmetic, aimed to redefine the space with more of an upscale feeling emphasizing a streamlined appearance. The new lighting scheme removed a number of decorative neon fixtures, and an assortment of low voltage units as well as some other industrial looking ceiling lights. All of the existing fluorescent lamps were changed from cool white to a 3K tri phosphor lamp. Low profile parabolic cube cell louvers were installed to replace the existing white acrylic type throughout the store.  A track fixture with an outdated low voltage system was removed and replace with 100 watt par 38 " IR" type lamps. Two custom pendant type linear  fixtures were fabricated for the project they house blue neon and adjustable MR16 spots. Neon and a formed cove is added to the perimeter are below the cloud ceiling ( image below ).  The result is higher levels of illumination on the merchandise and a better overall color balance.