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Standing silently, radiating as a welcoming beacon in the night sky of southern California
Published in Professional lighting Magazine- March 2 0 0 0  --------Read the article here
This building is illuminated from the top down; reflected light is recaptured scattering light towards pedestrian walkways and areas adjacent to the building perimeter. This component of light becomes useful and contributes to the overall ambient illuminance. The illuminated building surface creates a dynamic background. Alternating exterior building surfaces are lighted using only compact fluorescent sources. The LD designed standard asymmetrical reflector assemblies with a modified mounting method. Secured into custom linear aluminum housings,  rectangular housing are  4 " in height and are painted to match the building.  The design of this element is sensitive to the 1960s architectural building style. An Integration of form visually conceals the product during daytime hours.  A total of 116- (55 watt - Osram #FTT55/DL/835) lamps with the total wattage for building facades being 6380 watts.
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Custom Fixtures
Two custom fixtures flank the  entrance wall and add a formal identity to the main entry. The architectural language of the wall inspired the "lantern" elements designed by  RTLD; the arc shaped fixture profile is detailed with 3/16" twin wall plastic translucent panels that align to surface detail of the raked concrete finish. A single 4’o" T-8 fluorescent ( 3000K), wet location off the shelf floodlight is mounted back inside "the lantern".