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Robert Tant is an  architectural lighting designer, who has contributed to lighting design for thirty years.   RTLD Projects are very diverse including large private residences to noteworthy Las Vegas casino mega resorts with construction cost in excess of a billion dollars. Beginning at R.W.S. Associates, Los Angeles in 1985 working as a lighting design apprentice with the talented and respected illuminating engineer Ralph Swarens, Robert worked on a diverse assortment of architectural lighting projects during this time.  Those projects included prestigious hotels, corporate headquarters, office buildings,  churches, residences, medical facilities, restaurants, signage, an ocean cruise ship, memorials, special events, custom retro-fit fixture design, retail stores, landscape lighting, atrium spaces, airport interiors, a historical Biltmore hotel renovation,  water features, banks, library, broadcasting studios, building facades, schools, artwork, and sculptures. A real mix!  During this time he also provided innovative designs contributing to the development of a new emerging lighting fixture manufacturing company, "Engineered Lighting Products". Robert Tant contributed to the original patents attained by ELP, providing research, design and development which is known today as a unique line of interior and exterior lighting fixtures as well as their very popular "hole in the ceiling" series of which Robert Tant is the inventor. Robert also holds a patent to a very elegant lighting devise shown in the photo top left. A concealed source wall recessed  indirect luminaries.

Robert Tant attended Parsonís School of Design in New York City and the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, studying environmental design on both coasts of the United States in the late 70s to early 80s. With a very diverse design and  art background, RTLD offers a dynamic, individualistic insight into architectural projects. With experience in environmental design, graphics and product development as well as architectural rendering, sculpture, fine art and assorted hands-on construction and craftsman experiences, Robert Tant specializes in the creation of exceptional environments! The creative visions embodied by RTLD's work brings an understanding of light into architecture with an emphasis on aesthetics.

Robert Tant is a past two term President of the DLF Designers Lighting Forum, Los Angeles and a past member of the IALD. A current member of the dark sky coalition in Flagstaff, AZ.


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