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SPHERE: Lighted asymmetrically with varied 1000-watt par64 CSI lamps. Illuminated from three separate angles creates asymmetrical visual effects modeling the core shadow. It needed to be viewed from the freeway, three miles away. Four 1000 watt CSI sources on the freeway side and three other fixtures at two other locations create the effect. The 32-ft. diameter sphere is bolted together, separated by 2" diameter x 1/2" clear cylindrical acrylic spacers.  The resulting curvilinear gaps presented opportunity to create a novel lighting effect for the sphere.    The views from the front entrances of the building are illuminated with lower light levels. This technique helps define its core shadow and helps reveal the spherical form, also allowing the special lighting effects of the "light sensitive plastic" (the red dots on the surface of the sphere) to be in contrast and appear higher in brightness making them more visible. These are not (individual lamps) that would have been far too costly and very difficult to maintain. Instead approximately 700 red (U.V.) light sensitive acrylic rectangles are bolted in place, substituting the standard clear spacers. The 1/2" inch thick parts are bolted strategically @ 2'0" intervals between the structural joints of the sphere.

The rectangular parts were installed on site and added no additional time to the assembly process. The edge of the plastic parts are flushed with the outside surface and protrude inwards to gather light across their surfaces.  This material gathers light through its sidewalls and emits it from the edges.  Cross lighting with (8) 1000-watt (3200K) metal halide floodlights located inside the sphere (Inserted imaged above) activate the UV ingredient of the plastic.  During the day the red spots are visible on the shadowed side of the sphere and appear to be illuminated. The red 100-foot high spire protruding through opening of the sphere is lighted by eight 39-watt Par 30 MH lamps. The top of the mast has a 500 watt required red aircraft warning light. Lighting for the support structure of the sphere is up lighted with additional (8) MH floodlights, a cool 4100K source was used as a contrast to the warmer tones of the yellow sphere

The sphere is lighted from three locations with a total of eight 1000-watt par 64 CSI lamps.