TOUR   PAY n TAKE BAR - Flagstaff, AZ

The Pay n Take Bar located in Flagstaff, AZ was an interior lighting glare bomb. Robert Tant was hired to give a fresh look to the 960 sq. ft. space while working within a very tight budget.  RTLD recommended some paint color changes as well as new lighting for the space. 

There are two custom lighting fixtures introduced designed and built by RTLD. One "the wheel light and the other "the brake light" were assembled from used mountain bike parts. The wheel lights have Frisbee golf discs attached to bottom and accent lighted from above. The bar is a well know bicyclist's hang out in Flagstaff. The "brake lights are brake disc rotors which have a tubular lamp positioned down the middle. Both fixtures give a general ambiance to the space while giving identity to the biking community.

The energy use was reduced by over 2000 watts after removing thirty five old school 65 watt R-40 lamps.  See the before pictures below.  The beer cases which hold about 100 types of beer were illuminated with ten 85 watt T-12 HO Lamps. These were replaced with linear waterproof 25 watt LED strip lights mounted in place of the fluorescents, an added savings of 650 watts. Now the case lighting is completely concealed from view.  The HVAC duct work served as a perfect place to conceal a series of inexpensive RGB LED waterproof strip lights mounted indirectly aimed at the repainted ceiling. Bringing color into the environment gives a certain energy to the small space.



A color changing indirect lighting component adds the ability to change the scene.